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Speaking Tasks: All Levels


Here are some sample tasks for practicing English:

Beginning Speaking Tasks

  Task 101: Greetings and Introductions

  Task 103: Talking about Classroom Items

  Topic 119: Talking about Sports

  Topic 126: Talking about Occupations

  More Topics for Conversation!

Intermediate Speaking Tasks

  Task 201: Describing Things

  Task 202: Narration (Telling about experiences)

  Task 203: Hypothetical Situations

  Task 204: Giving Opinions

Articles to Talk about

  Advanced Speaking Tasks

  Task 301: Articles for Discussion

  Task 302: Talk about Today’s News

  Task 303: Talk about Current Topics

  Task 304: For Your Information: Articles

  More Advanced English Practice

Pronunciation Tasks

  Task 401: P and F sounds

  Task 402: Th sounds (voiceless)

  Task 403: Th sounds (voiced)

  Task 404: V sounds

  More Pronunciation Tasks

Grammar Tasks

  Task 501

  Task 502

Business English Tasks

  Task 601

  Task 602

Idioms Tasks

  Task 701: Daily English lessons

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